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Craft Idea for preschoolers

About ages 2 to 5

Seems that lately I've been doing kids crafts.  Mostly volunteering to do some with my kids and thier friends.  I really enjoy it, and the kids enjoy it as well.  It is so sweet to hear them say how much they loved doing the craft and what a great idea it was.  So here are some of my craft ideas.

Island Craft



Coffee Filter (or cut a circle out of white paper)

Brown paper

Coffee grounds


Blue paint or markers

If you are using a coffee filter, I have found it works best if you take a slightly warm iron and flatten it out.  Be sure to do this ahead of time, so the kids are not in danger of the hot iron.  Then take your brown paper and cut it in a circle about the size of the middle of the coffee filter.  If the child is old enough and you have kid scissors, go ahead a draw the circle and let them cut it out.  The best way to draw the circle would be to take a glass and put it upside down on the brown paper and trace.  Now glue the brown circle (land) on to the white coffee filter.  Take a glue stick and glue around the brown circle.  Pour the coffee grounds (sand) around and shake it up so it covers all the glued parts.  Take the blue paint or markers and color the edge for the water.


Father's Day Craft



Cute poem

Sheet of foam



Magnet strips

Duct tape

Small bits of manly stuff (plastic anchors, cords of wood, wire, nuts, or whatever else you can find at the bottom of his toolbox)


Print up poem and glue onto foam, you may need to cut the paper and/or foam to make it fit right.  You will want to leave a border of foam around the poem.  Put the magnet strips on the back, so that it can stick to a fridge or locker.  Cut strips of duct tape and use it to tape on the small bits of stuff on the foam border.  You can tape things like nuts, nails, screws, wire scraps, ect.



Fish Bowl Craft 



2 paper plates

Blue plastic wrap


Green construction paper

Double sided tape


Take one of the paper plates and cut a circle out of it.  Then take blue plastic wrap and glue it to cover the whole.  I found using a hot glue gun works best, you may want to do this ahead of time.  Cut out a clipart pic of a fish.  Let the kid(s) color the fish and glue it in the middle of the second paper plate.  Have the kids cut or tear strips of the green construction paper for seaweed.  Glue the seaweed onto the blue plastic wrap.  Then take double sided tape and tape the two plates together.



Jellyfish Craft



Coffee Filter

Yarn (cut into small strips)



Take the coffee filter and turn it upside down so that the middle is sticking up.  Take a piece of yarn and tape to the underside of the coffee filter.  Then throw it up in the air and let the kids see how they float down.