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Who said you needed a green thumb to garden?

My earliest memories of gardening are helping my aunt Carol with her garden.  It was a decent size garden, and I know she told me things about gardening, but I just can't remember them anymore.  Then my parents had a small garden in our backyard.  My mom planted strawberries which got eaten by rabbits, and she let me plant some carrots behind the shed.  Then I moved out on my own and tried a couple house plants.   Would you believe it's not hard for me to kill an aloe plant?  I was told you can't kill them, but sure enough I did.  Then I planted things outside, but the lawn guys mowed them all down.  We finally are renting a house and I have a decent garden that is doing well, with the exception of the sunflowers that my husband mowed over not once but twice.  So against all odds I did get some produce from my garden. 

Two great websites for gardening if you live in the Pacific Northwest are Two Rainy Side Gardeners and Territorial Seed Company.  Maybe later I'll find some sites and seed companies for each area.  It's important to have a seed company in your area, cause then you know what they sell grows well where you live.

Watering can


Now is the time to plant your spring blooming bulbs.  I've planted tulips, daffodils, crocus, and silica (I think).  There is still a big box of lilies and irises that Ray's Gran sent to me.  I haven't decided where to put them yet, but I need to get on it soon.  You should plant your bulbs before the ground freezes. 

In some areas you might be able to plant a winter garden, or go to your local nursery and buy some plants such as kale for winter.  You may also buy a variety of winter pansies for your flower boxes.  I planted my winter garden in the middle of Sept.  It includes carrots (Mokum Hybrid), lettuce (Artic King), and two different types of garlic.  So far my carrots and lettuce have good germinations on them.  I mixed in some compost with the soil.  With the garlic planted between the two there is little risk of bugs, although winter you should have little bugs.  The carrots might have gotten some carrot flies but I rest assured the garlic will repel them.  When your germinations have a couple of good small leaves on them its time to thin them out so they are far enough apart they will not rob each other of nutrients.  The package of seeds should let you know how far that is.  Also it's better to wait till the seedlings are a little more established to weed the area, so you do not accidentally pull up the seedlings with the weeds. 

That is about it for my winter gardening knowledge.  I'll keep you updated on how my garden does.