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This site is a look into my life.  I am married to a man named Ray, he is in the Navy currently on shore duty!!! Yeah!  We have two kids Neil (4 yrs old) and Lexi (2 yrs old), and we currently live in Washington (state).  I was born in raised in Columbus, Ohio and I'm so glad I've left.  Don't get me wrong its a great place, just not for me.  My husband was born in Mississippi, but moved around a lot as a kid.  His dad lives in Columbus, which is where we met, and his mom lives in Houston, Texas.  His grandparents are all in Mississippi though.  Most of my grandparents have died.  On my mom's dad's side I have a great grandma, and my mom's mom and my great grandma through her are still alive.  I do have a bunch of family though, mostly cousins lots and lots of cousins.  It takes me a half hour to give the basic gist of it all.  Well that's it for me and my family.

With my husband in the Navy we get moved around a lot.  By a lot I mean every 6 months to a year.  We are lucky now we can stay here for 3 years (well a little more than 2 left).  All this moving makes it difficult on some keeping a job, so I have always just stayed at home with the kids.  I am hoping when they get into school I can go back to college and get a degree.  In the mean time I keep myself occupied with crafts, cooking, the computer, and various other activities.  My friends have started calling me Suzy Homemaker, so I thought I'd make a website sharing all my so called wisdom on homemaking. 

This is me on our fall trip through Vermont

Right now there is just some tips on each page.  I plan to get them more organized and full of more information.  I hope to update often, so check back frequently.

What's New?

12/15/02  I know its been awhile, but we had computer issues.  But now my computer is much better, faster processor and cable internet.  I added a page for Thanksgiving Leftovers  in the recipe section.  I am also going to delete the WebLog, its takes to long to get to where I need to be to post the message. 
10/31/02  Happy Halloween!  I just got done proof reading and editing the site.  Not to say there are no mistakes, but there isn't as many.  English is not by best subject.
10/25/02 I've finished writing some tips on each topic. 
10/23/02 So much is being created and updated its hard to keep up.  This site is still really new, and still pretty much being created. 

Please feel free to email me at:

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