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So you want to know more about me....


As I mentioned I am a stay at home mom.  This is cause the Navy likes to move us.  We've moved every 6 months to a year.  Luckily we're here in Washington (state) for 3 years.  We might choice to stay here longer.  This place is just perfect for us.  We are renting a nice 3 1/2 bedroom house on a small lake, how we can afford it I'm clueless.  Jobs around bases are very tight, even a job at the grocery store or McDs is hard to get without experience. 

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio.  My mom's side of the family is from West Virginia, and my dad's side is from Kentucky.  I get a lot of grief from that, the most popular joke is...what they had to meet in Ohio to find someone to marry that's not related, or something on those lines.  Anyways, I have a huge family, would take about a half hour to tell you so we'll just leave it at I have a huge family.  My husband was born in Mississippi, although he moved around a lot as a child.  His mom resides around Houston, and his dad in Ohio.  His grandparents are all in Mississippi though.

My husband and I met through a friend.  It's actually a very sad but humorous story.  A friend of mine dated Ray for a little while.  Then they broke up, but they stayed friends.  We all decided to get a group of friends together and go to a football game.  Well we ran into Ray and his friend Pat there, so my friend introduced us all and we hung out after the game.  Well Pat liked one of my friends, so that's why they wanted to hang out.  Pat and my friend hooked up, and so Ray's ex/my friend decided she wanted Ray to go to the dance and see her with someone else, get jealous, and want her back.  So she set Ray and me up thinking we wouldn't last, ha.  So much to her surprise we got along great.  She tried everything she could to break us up, even tell my mom what a horrible guy Ray is.  Luckily my mom LOVED Ray because he always brought me home on time and was mannerly.  Anyways, she got really upset and we stopped talking for awhile.  We talk now only because I can't hate someone no matter how much I try, its just an email once or twice a year kind of thing though.  Ironically, Neil, our first born, was born on her birthday. 

Moving seems to be the center of my life.  You wouldn't believe the paperwork I have to go through, and I did say I as the Navy tends to work Ray really long hard hours, esp. if he's going to be leaving.  So I'm in charge of moving, which I am a pro at now.  We have lived in Hampton, VA which is the worst place.  It was a small 1 bedroom apartment we were broke, and it was not a great area.  Then we moved to Williamsburg, VA which was a local move just to get out of our crappy apartment.  That Williamsburg was one of the greatest places we've lived.  We got free admission to Colonial Williamsburg because we were residents.  There was also the York River which had little pull on the side of the road picnic spots, we loved doing that.  Then we moved to Groton, Conn. which sucked.  We had a nice house though; it was even in base housing so free rent and utilities.  That was the only good thing about that place.  Then we moved to Kittery, Maine, which was great.  I made a lot of good friends, Neil was in preschool, and lobsters were only $3/lb. fresh off the docks.  Vermont was my favorite New England state, but they all are cool in their own way, except Conn.  Ray worked a lot in Maine, like 80 hour weeks, so I wasn't to disappointed leaving.  We are now in Port Orchard, WA its on the other side of the Puget Sound from Seattle.  We can take a 45 min ferry ride to Seattle.  This is the best place so far.  It seems so perfect for us.  We are real outdoorsy kind of people.  We might stay here after the Navy, provided we can find jobs and all. 


Neil and Alexis

Aren't they cute!

It's hard to imagine looking at this picture that they are really monsters.  I'm just kidding, they are great kids.  They play well together, Lexi actually is the one that bets up on Neil though. 

Things I do for fun

I've loved to swim since I can remember.  I swam for the high school team, and now I live on a crystal clear lake that I swim in when its not to terribly cold.
I used to always go hiking as a kid.  My parents took us to the park to hike the trails all the time.  We used to get a walking stick at the beginning of the trial and put it down at the end of it.  Ray and I are always taking the kids for walks.
The first time I went camping was with my aunt Carol.  I had a blast, but my parents didn't really get into it. Ray re-introduced it to me, and we go as often as we can.
My dad went through a boat phase.  He used to get big motor boats and pull my friends and me while we tubed.  It was so fun.  We tried water skiing but I couldn't get up.  Recently Ray and I just bought a sailboat, obviously he loves the water or he wouldn't have joined the Navy.
Well this whole site is about my love of homemaking, with the exception of cleaning, I hate that but do it cause if I don't nobody else will.

Historical Reenacting
This is more of a hobby, but I love to do it anyways.  It all started when I was a kid and went to Ohio Village.  I loved to see how they lived back in the olden days.  I loved going to all those little villages where they showed you the past.  Then I met a friend April, we always went to the Ren Fest together.  Ray bought me a really cool Ren dress for my bday one year and I loved it.  I loved dressing up and pretending for the day I was living back then.  Then Ray's dad got us involved in Civil War reenacting.  I love making all the clothes for the kids and stuff.  Then we get to go out and enjoy the day and good friends.